Rosemary BCPO-46

Rosemary BCPO-46

Price : $195.00(Vat included)

Insole: 100% leather covering on a steel sole.

Outsole: Stout Leather.

Shoe-upper Material: 100% Leather

Interlining: 100% Leather.

Heel: 9 Ponts.

Note: As the rest of our products are handmade, if the order you place is not available in our stocks, we manufacture it handmade between 10 to 15 days as of the date of your order and send it to you by cargo.

The mould of this model is full size. You can order your standard shoes size. If your feet size is half size, we recommend you to order one size larger. Please try the product you have purchased on a clean ground against the possibility of an exchange and return, since each product is a manual labour and is produced in limited number.


“The product that you will order is hand workmanship and specific to you. We wish it to be used in good days.”



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