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The designer, who combined banana fiber produced from banana trees with handmade shoes and accessories, emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable products under the brand of Beste Cercis, her namesake She chose not to pursue a career related to her education background and instead focused on natural materials, design, decoration, and recycling.


She has designed several works with the materials she collected from nature where she spent half of the year.


She also made a research about the trunks of banana trees and how they complete their tasks after the fruition process, becoming waste.


During this period, she also finished her first sandal design made of banana trees.


When she realized her work attracted attention, she built an atelier for banana fibers with the awareness of sustainability in the ecosystem.


Our certificates

She first designed the sole made of banana fibers and then designed a version made of leathen This is how she accomplished the production of eco-friendly products and made space for her dreams and story.

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