Production of Banana Fiber

Banana trees bear fruit once a year, and the main trunk of the banana tree is left in nature as environmentally friendly waste and becomes a compost in the soil over time. The cut trunk is replaced by the young seedling that sprouts from its side.


We take this waste body, press it in machines, turn it into fiber, dry it, shape it by hand and use it as raw material for our shoes.



All banana fiber is shaped by hand with female labor. We prefer nostalgic hand weaving models with aesthetic appearance by going beyond the standard weaving method in machines.


The banana fibers, when left to dry, take on a distinctive color in natural shades ranging from cream to lividity.


In our shoe combinations, we sometimes boil banana fiber with fruits and vegetables, color it naturally, and use seawater to fix the color we have achieved. We keep our fibers away from all kinds of chemicals and end our production process in a natural way.

About 3/4 of a banana tree is water. It feeds by water. Our banana fibers, which are from bamboo, have a unique and unusual texture, their texture softens when they are exposed to water and moisture, they can quickly soak up moisture and evaporate it quickly, absorb the moisture in the foot, prevent the foot from slipping on the base and in time, they take the form of the person's foot.

Besides our sandals and flat sole shoes, we designed the banana fiber insole by using banana trees in the insole of our ponted models, preventing the foot from pressing forward and slipping when the foot is damp, and thus ensuring a comfortable hold on the sole, taking into account the comfort and comfort of the foot, other than the usual classical insole.


Our priority is healthy feet and of course quality. We prefer genuine leather or banana fibers suitable for the model in the foot covering upper part. We also use genuine leather in the inner lining of the upper part that touches the foot. We, of course, work with skillful hands in the production part of the shoe. Our shoes take their final shape in the workshops that we have contracted. We introduce each of our teammates who accompany our story and spend labor to banana fiber, our raw material.


The main source of our products is banana fiber, an environmentally friendly waste that is completely biodegradable. It gets its strength from the long trunks of banana trees. Considering the strength and durability of these valuable fibers, which can be used in many areas such as furniture industry, paper industry, construction, textile with its ability to absorb moisture quickly in its environment, we started to use it in our shoe production. We use 100% banana fiber in the wicker-looking parts of our designs. The fibers are our own production and no chemical application is made during the production process, the process is carried out in completely natural ways.

I closely supervise and participate in every stage of the production process, from whether banana trees are suitable for fiber production, pressing the tree, turning it into fiber, shaping the fibers by hand, shoe model, leather selection, color, upper cutting, sewing model and thread color, shoe assembly, accessory selection and likewise.

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